This article will show you how to set up the Canon IJ printer using the setup process. This article will show you how to set up both wired or wireless connections for Windows as well as Mac OS. configuration: To begin the process of setting-up the Canon Inkjet printer, follow these steps. You will need to first get an item (a laptop, a desktop computer, or a computer) and then proceed through the process of setting it up. Start the browser that you have installed in your gadget. You can choose from any of the browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Find the address bar within the browser, which is located on the top of the screen. Enter "", then click enter. The website's home page will appear. You will find tabs that allow you to accomplish various actions on the homepage. Click on "Set up". You will be directed to a new page once you click. You'll need to enter your model number in this window. You can either type the model number by hand in the box or use the click select option found in the lower portion of the page. After entering your model number, press on the Enter key to display the steps to set your model. Follow the prompts on your screen.

You will need these basic requirements to set up your Canon IJ quickly:

  • After you have completed the printer setup process, be certain to keep the model number.
  • To make the process of installing drivers easy, make sure your laptop or computer has enough storage.
  • Make sure that the printer is properly connected to the power outlet.
  • Your device has an active high-speed internet connection.
  • Make sure the network you are using is having WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

Is your Canon printer model number found?

For the model number, look at the front or top cover of your Canon printer.

How do I set up wireless and wired Canon IJ Setups

The Canon IJ printer is multi-functional and is able to be setup wirelessly or wired. In the lower segment the complete instructions for wireless and wired Canon IJ setup are provided. You are only required to follow the steps one by one till the final step with care. Begin by following these steps:

Instructions for the canon IJ configuration

Open the browser and visit or for the latest and updated drivers for Canon printer. On canon ij setup guide for printers for help in Canon printer setup with USB and wireless connection. You can contact to canon support team if you face any issues in canon printer installation.

How do I download and install Canon ij Setup via

  1. Install Step-by-Step Canon printer drivers. Follow the instructions below.
  2. Verify that the web browser you set up the ij canon printers has an updated version.
  3. Visit the (secure) website and click "Set Up (Start here)" tab.
  4. You can move on to the next page. You will be required to enter the model number of your Canon printer model.
  5. You can also select the initial two letters of your Canon ij printer using the list displayed on the ij.start.cannon screen.
  6. Click "Start".
  7. See, change or select the right operating system like Windows, Mac, from the corner of the canonijsetup screen.
  8. Finally, you can choose the best Canon iJ configuration and then download canon driver software to your computer.
  9. After downloading the software from http://ij.start Canon. Open your downloads folder. Double-click the setup file to download Canon software for printing.
  10. Follow the screen prompts to complete the installation of the ij Start Canon printer.

How do I set up ij.start.cannon using USB?

You can use the USB to place the Canon tr8520 printer set-up in the event that your Canon printer isn't found after searching the official sites. For assistance you may also go to the ij.start.cannon. These are the steps needed to setup Canon printers with USB.

  • First, you must ensure that you have a USB-cable.
  • From the net browser and visit the https://ij.start.cannon website and choose setup network connection via USB.
  • Then, make sure that the Canon Ts8220 software is installed and able to connect the printer to the PC via the USB Cable.
  • Click the "Next", get the driver and check if the printer is connected to a network.
  • After tapping at "Yes", hit at "Complete" Then tap at "Add Printer".
  • Click the "Add" button to get the force that drives you from
  • Go to the Device Settings and then tap on the LAN settings to choose the connection.
  • After installing the Canon drivers, inkjet printer cartridges, you can examine the connection to your device.
  • You can set up the Canon printer and then print.

How do I set up a Canon printer

To set up Canon on your device you need to visit site and download the printer setup. Here are the steps for Windows as well as Mac canon Ijsetup.

On Windows

  • Turn on the Canon printer to connect cartridges.
  • Check that your router has an WPS button. This will allow you to connect printer and computer to the same network.
  • Open your browser and visit to download the latest Canon printer configuration.
  • Double-tap on this icon, and follow the directions.
  • If it fails to install automatically, then you have to set it up manually.
  • You can manually set up the printer using settings.
  • Next, press the next step, press the (Wireless Personal Sharing) button on your router. It will take about 2 minutes.
  • When you have Canon's printer Ijsetup installed, it's possible to print documents.


  • USB cable
  • Make use of the USB cable for connecting your printer to your Mac device.
  • Click Add Printer to automatically install Canon printer drivers
  • You must wait for the installation to be completed.
  • If you encounter problems with the steps above, then download the installation from ij.start.cannon.
  • Wireless installation
  • Open the printer, then click the WPS button.
  • From the MAC, download printer drivers on Mac.
  • Follow the steps to open the file.
  • Utilize the button WPS WIFI.
  • For printing the Canon, press the OK button.
  • It will connect automatically to the network automatically.
  • On Mac, click on ADD PRIMER.
  • Now,locate the printer amd start the installation and complete the installation.

Verify the printout of the files to verify.

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